Most of Our Products are Customizable

The following are the minimal details for a custom order. Once the information is collected, please contact us with these details. Give us at least two months for soap orders and any other item to ensure labelling is done accurately.

Choose any items from our product line.

Select the size you like, from our available sizes; Travel size, On-The-Go, or Regular.


Provide the quantity of one or multiple items.


Color on soaps depends on clays, or herbs. Let us know what color you would like on the product, and we will let you know if we are able to satisfy your request. We can also suggest a similar color.


Everything we do centers on providing services of the highest level of quality. We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied – that’s a guarantee.

Customize Text

Provide either a date or event name or letter that you would like to have printed on the product.

Select the scent

Scent is a big part of our products. Each product is made with organic essential oils. Let us know which scent or scents you would like your products to have.